Hi. I’m Tim. I’m a writer, but I tell people I’m a wizard because what’s the difference? I like writing, and I like writing comics, so this newsletter will be mostly that.

If you want to see the other comics and stuff I’ve written.

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I also co-created the extremely funny audio show Roommate From Hell.

Roommate From Hell

This newsletter will contain weekly comics. A serialized story told week-to-week.

I’ve written some short comic stories and hired various artists to produce them; this newsletter is me sharing them with you.

The first few comics will be horror stories.

In between each story, I may pepper in a blog post or two, my thoughts on books and graphic novels I’m reading, movies I’m watching, or imaginings that might be interesting to share.

It’s free for everyone. Share it if you like it. If you found something valuable here and want to give back, you can do so here:

thanks for your help

I really appreciate it. Any money donated to this project goes right back into paying artists to make more comics.

Let’s get spooky!

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